We are the sole authorized retailer for Tica Design Corp. All of the bags are produced in Columbia and Mexico and are produced from sustainable sources.

All of our leather is full grain leather. As for the tanning process we carry vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanned leather.

Vegetable tanned leather is a heavier more durable leather that tends to have a much stronger scent from the tanning process typically thought of as the smell of fine leather. It softens over time and will become darker as vegetable tanned leather acquires a rich patina. And while the vegetable tanned leather softens over time, chrome tanned leather tends to start softer and more supple. While all the bags you have will smell of leather, the vegetable tanned bags are the ones providing the strongest scent. Vegetable tanning of leather is a completely organic process using tannins found in vegetable matter such as leaves, bark, wood and fruit.

Chrome tanned leather is soft to the touch from the start and fairly resistant to water, stains, and heat. Chrome tanned leather tanned using minerals. The chrome ions are much smaller than the vegetable tanning ions, which is what gives chrome tanned leather its softer feel. Although chrome tanned leather also develops a patina, causing it to darken over time, it will not develop as quickly or to the same degree as our vegetable tanned leather.

We ship products out the same business day that they are ordered.

All of our products are shipped from Florida.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order or ordered the wrong item on our site you may return it for a refund. We will accept returned items within 30 days of delivery date. All returned items must be in their original condition and free of any damage.

Shipping Method: FedEx

Shipping Fees: Your order breakdown and total can be viewed in your shopping bag. This total includes tax and cost to ship.
*Complimentary Ground delivery is available for all orders exceeding $150.

Order Modification: If you have any modifications to your order we recommend that you contact us immediately after placing your order. Once an order is shipped it cannot be cancelled or modified. In these cases we advise that you follow our return policy. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for your refund to be issued once the shipment has been returned to our warehouse.

Generally, orders ship within 24 hours of placing an order, but please allow up to 48 hours during high volume times.
Little maintenance is required for your leather bag. If it should become soiled, spot clean with a damp cloth and blot until you get as much of the soil off as possible. Allow surface to dry thoroughly before us.

Applying Products: Although not necessary for normal use and conditions, as your bag begins to age, you may want to apply a leather protector or conditioner to preserve the richness and beauty of the leather. Keep in mind that products applied to the leather may permanently darken and change the look and feel of the leather. Be sure to follow the instructions of the conditioning products that you use.
Warranty: We offer complimentary repairs up to 365 days after your order has been received. These repairs include defects only and do not include wear and tear, accidents, and/or misuse of the product.

Additional Repairs: Please contact us for all other repairs.